About Us



Turquoise Coaching offers Teen Coaching and Mentoring. In addition to this we also offer coaching to parents, women and groups. The organisation has grown around personal and professional values of family, friendships and work life balance. Turquoise Coaching offers a space for thought to unfold naturally and allows us to explore the curious state of mind together without assumption or judgment.

  • Turquoise

    "The psychology behind the color"

    • Serenity: Calmness and peace
    • Balance: Clarity of mind and creativity
    • Introspection: Encourages reflection on one's own needs, thoughts and feelings
  • Mandala

    "Formation, transformation, eternal minds, eternal recreation"



Who we work with

  • Individuals - We work with individuals on their journey to achieving their goals. This could
    be a new career, writing a book, working through a relationship or overcoming an obstacle.
  • Organisations - We work with educational organisations and charities to improve the quality
    of teaching, learning and pastoral care by training and mentoring teachers and support
  • -Community Groups - We work with community groups to support educational projects for
    improving opportunities for young people both home and abroad.
    In addition to this we also facilitate free 'Discovery Space' meet ups through collaborative
    projects so that local communities can come together.


Coaching, mentoring & Counselling - Differences & Similarities

Scope & LimitationsDeals with emotional problemsDeals with performance problems and specific challengesDeals with organisational, career or personal transitions
Central focusProblem centred, provides diagnosis and treats dysfunctionTask centred, foster individual performance improvement in all areas of lifePossibly centred, focus on performance, competencies and professional development
Areas of workWorks on the individuals embodiment of the problemDeveloping and selecting options for behaviour in specific situations, soft skills, personal development & self awarenessWorks on the interface between individual's identity and the bigger picture