About Us

Turquoise Coaching offers Teen Coaching and Mentoring. In addition to this we also offer coaching to parents, women and groups. The organisation has grown around personal and professional values of family, friendships and work life balance. Turquoise Coaching offers a space for thought to unfold naturally and allows us to explore the curious state of mind together without assumption or judgment.

  • Sha Niz
    Asma is a truly wonderful coach. I would highly recommend her. She will guide you with warmth and gentleness and had a great intuitive and creative spirit
    Sha Niz
  • Stephanie Davies
    I would recommend Asma without hesitation, she creates a non-judgmental, comfortable space that allows you to speak your heart and mind. During our sessions, she helped me gain the clarity and insight that I needed. She understands that we often know our own answers and provides the support we require in finding them.
    Stephanie Davies
  • Emma Hammond
    Asma is an excellent coach. I found her to be extremely warm and human and she helped me to clarify my position on many personal topics. Asma is a generous listener and allows you the time to explore sometimes difficult subjects in a safe, receptive space. Highly recommend.
    Emma Hammond